Day 336 | Honduras | Copan Ruinas | Three Countries in One Day

This morning we had a bit more of a sleep in than expected/planned so we had a quick breakfast, made some sandwiches for lunch and then ran out the door around 9am in order to catch a bus to Metapan, the first stop/bus switch in our day long journey.

Our next stop was Frontera Anguiatu AKA the border which took us back into Guatemala. Then onto a new bus once we had crossed over into Guatemala, thankfully, as is the situation in most of these Central American countries, you don’t need to go and find the right bus, there will be guys from the bus who will come and find you!! LOL!

This next bus we took to a cross road where we jumped off pretty much in the middle of nowhere with the hopes that a bus would come along and take us to the Honduran border – thankfully this was the case. So then it was across the border for us.


New country alert!! PS Don’t know who this guy is…never met him before in my life 😉

Once across the border it was a quick taxi ride into the town of Copan Ruinas, our home for the next couple of days. Once we were dropped off in the centre of town we had a relatively short walk to our hotel. Whilst it was a short walk it was super steep and given I am also currently suffering from a headcold it was a struggle!


Looking down on our climb to the hotel

On arrival we discovered that the power is out at the hotel, but also throughout the whole of the town. We later learnt that this is common in Honduras. They used to have a lot more power issues in the past when it was being sold to neighbouring countries, however apparently, this no longer happens?!?

Not much we could do at the hotel so we decided to go for a wander into town. Having no power AKA no lights etc is one thing, however, failing to change some money over at the border and not being able to get any cash out from an ATM is quite another. We wandered the town before finally deciding to head to the most touristy looking bar we could because chances are they would accept USD which we actually do have.

This is how we ended up at Twisted Tanya’s for a couple of happy hour cocktails. While there we got chatting to Tanya and she was awesome providing us with heaps of information and offered a heap of suggestions for us!! (NB: We loved this quote up in the bar “if you don’t eat here, chances are we won’t either” or something along those lines…)

Thanks to Twisted Tanya’s we were able to get some change in Limpera which was great as we could head out into the street to the street vendors (a little power outage doesn’t stop these guys!) for some dinner. We ended up with the biggest fried chicken, coleslaw, beans and who knows what else (we certainly didn’t – no really we didn’t we couldn’t see any of what we were eating!!) for dinner. It was awesome.

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