Day 337 | Honduras | Copan Ruinas | Another Check Off the Bucket List

Thankfully during the night the power came back on! Hoorah!!

We had ourselves some breakfast at the hotel before heading into town to buy a bus ticket for tomorrow before walking out to the Copan Ruins.


About town


Just chillaxing…

The Scarlet Macaw is the national bird of Honduras and they have breeding programs to help save a somewhat fragile population as they are sought after for their exquisite feathers and exotic pet status. The ruins of Copan is one of the sites that has had these birds released back into the wild. Before coming to the ruins we knew they were here but that they were there in small numbers so we thought our chance of spotting them was very low, thankfully we were wrong and due to the fact that they are fed they all hang out around one area and are easy to see and admire.


Some of the wild birds feeding

The ruins here were also very pretty. However, given we have seen quite a number of Mayan ruins, I won’t lie, I was a little more excited about the Macaws than the ruins. Copan ruins, though, is actually a little unique as it is one of the most intricate of all Mayan ruins sites with lots of carvings and hieroglyphics. Given we have seen some ruins where the original sculptures are no longer in situ but rather off in a museum somewhere and a replica in its place, we were a little sceptical if we were looking at the real deal or not.


Gorgeous sculptures


The heiroglyphic stairs one of the star attractions at the site


Close up of the stairs


Skulls…of course


Cool statue



Before exiting the park completely, we walked around eating our peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and admired the Macaws a little more before eventually dragging ourselves away.

We then hopped in a tuk tuk and headed up to Macaw Mountain. This place was simply amazing!! The park was set up to house rescue birds of various species for various reasons. Some birds have been confiscated from people trying to illegally keep them as pets, others are injured or sick in some way. The park tries to free the birds back into the wild, however, unfortunately this is not always possible so their new home is then the park. The vast majority of the birds here are the Scarlet Macaws but they also have some other species of parrots and macaws and my bucket list bird…toucans!!


This guy walked from one side of the cage to the other using his claws and beak to get across to hunt me down. Seriously he was not happy with the state of the universe (but my he is oh so pretty!)!!


Another guy with anger issues but my very first toucan sighting!


A happier toucan who just wanted to chill out and play in the water – check out those blue blue eyes!


Why hello there!

When we left home one of the animals I desperately wanted to see was a toucan so you can imagine I was like a little kid jumping up and down and super excited when I came face to face with one. From our time at the park I have realised though that many of the toucans, and also some of the macaws have some slight anger issues….not that I can blame them for I can only imagine what they have been through and now to be stuck inside cages!!

There was also an interactive section of the park which was all open and you could go walk up to all the birds in here and say hi. We even got to hold them I was pretty excited. I could have seriously stayed in this section for hours. I just kept walking from bird to bird just admiring how beautiful they all were. The colours are just unbelievable it was pretty special.


Can I take him home with me?


The performer


Looking a bit evil but I swear this guy was friendly


Pretty as a picture


This guy is a super rare Buffon Macaw


Cute little guy


Stretching his wings and we got to see the extent of that amazing colour




This guy appeared wild and not part of the exhibition…he too was a toucan with anger issues!!


Another cute little parrot

Eventually we did have to leave, especially as the park was closing pretty soon. Once in town we purchased a couple of beers from the supermarket and some peanuts from a guy on the street and wandered back to our hotel and sat on the balcony to enjoy them.

Then ready for dinner we headed back into town just as it started to bucket down with rain. Our first idea was to go to the street vendors but given the rain just didn’t appear to be letting up we headed around the corner to Pizza Copan – you can never say no to pizza can you?!?!


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