Day 338 | Honduras | Lago de Yojoa | A Longer Walk than Expected

Another early one this morning as we had a 7am bus to catch to SPS (AKA San Pedro Sula). Our hotel host kindly got up early to make us some breakfast to take with us.

The bus ride was pretty uneventful, and once in SPS it was off to another bus that would take us to Lago de Yojoa (AKA the lake). We got into the town early afternoon and it was just a short walk to our hostel – D&D Brewery. Once settled we grabbed a beer (it’s a brewery – what do you expect?) and some fries as a bit of a late lunch.

We then headed out on a bit of a walk down to the lake lookout. We were both expecting this to be a nice gentle relaxing walk, however it was a teeny tiny bit more than we were expecting. This hike took us about an hour or so (maps me said about 15 minutes) and we were walking up through coffee and corn plantations on an uneven muddy path.




A steep incline, not the relaxing walk we were expecting

Given I was still suffering the tail end of this cold and was a bit tired from the early morning I did not cope so well with the exertion and may have been a little bit of a grumpy bum. However, I did it, we made it and it was a pretty view of the lake.


At the top, the pretty view down on the lake

On the way back down I slipped a very times, so you can just imagine how well that all went down. Once back on level ground, I did cheer up a little and all was good with the world again! LOL!

Once back in town we had a wander through the tiny little town and realised there really was not a whole lot to it nor stuff going on like places to eat etc so we headed back to the hostel/brewery. Then it was showers and that sort of exciting stuff before eating in at the brewery because we were feeling tired and lazy and it all looked pretty tasty.

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