Day 339 | Honduras | Lago de Yojoa | The Other Side of Life

We were in no real hurry to get going this morning. We had breakfast at our hostel and then spent ages chatting with some of the other guests who were Australians and Kiwis and were travelling around for a bit also.

Then we finally got out and about and caught the local bus to Pulhapanzak Waterfall. It was a pretty waterfall, but we didn’t stop there, we then went on to pay extra to go on the tour behind the waterfall. We had no idea what to expect, we thought it might be a light sprinkling of water as we walked through a passageway behind the falls, however got suited up into bathers, just in case.




The falls

How wrong we were. In the first 5 minutes of our ‘tour’ we jumped off a rock into a blue hole! LOL! The spray from the waterfall was pretty intense the whole time we were there, but obviously the closer we got, the stronger the spray got and it was hard to know where to look in order to see anything.

Once at the foot of the falls we had to grab onto a rope secured into the rocks and work our way around and into a little alcove. It was pretty incredible!! We were able to sit under there for quite sometime while we just enjoyed the unique view. Looking out from the inside was pretty magical, watching the water beating down with so much power, but then such fine streams of water that were so delicate.

Once we were out and changed we headed back down to the main highway to wait for a bus. Lucky for us some locals in a ute drove past and offered us a lift, at least part of the way, and then we were able to catch the bus for the other half.

Our plan tonight was to head into town and eat some local food but the sky had other ideas as it once again started bucketing down. So, we scrapped that idea and once again ate at the hostel/brewery.

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