Day 340 | Honduras | Utila | Electricity is Overrated

Another early morning today as we needed to catch an early bus to SPS so we could then get the 10am connecting bus from there into La Ceiba and from there a 4.40pm ferry to the island of Utila. Phew! (All these early mornings I think we are doing holiday wrong! LOL!)

The above travel plans went as expected and once on the island we were collected at the ferry by our AirBnB host. Getting off the ferry was a little nuts, as given it is low season all the dive operators who offer free accommodation were out in full force trying to get our business. Utila is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your dive certifications!!

We got settled into our accommodation which is a little self contained ‘apartment’ right on the beach, so we are looking forward to the days ahead! Given we have kitchen facilities we wandered into town to the grocery store. On the way the power went out…

Parts of the town had a generator so places like the grocery store had power still but everyone else…nada! Back at the house we did our trusty old 2 minute noodles and vegetable combo for dinner – thankfully they had a gas cooktop!!

We learnt from our AirBnb host that there are a number of reasons why the power could be out. 1. There is a drug plane coming in, so the power gets switched off and turned on once they leave. 2. The guy who owns the power plant is asserting his authority cos apparently he’s a bit of a douche. 3. Someone has stolen the diesel from the motor so it has run dry. 4. Something mechanical has gone wrong. A nice comprehensive list! LOL!

This island is really hot so we sat outside to eat so we could at least get a little bit of breeze. Sleeping was a bit of a nightmare as still no power so no fans to even get a little bit of a breeze.


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