Day 342 | Honduras | Utila | Go Right Not Left

The morning pretty much played out the same as yesterday. Lazy morning, making breakfast and then heading out for a snorkel.

To mix things up a little today we headed left instead of right when we got out to the coral reef. There were so many tiny little jellyfish. I was fascinated by them, they were so little and see-through and reflecting the sun so they sparkled. This was until one of the little buggers – or their cousins stung me on the face, shoulder and butt. First jellyfish sting ever and I did not enjoy it too much. As I was managing my pain a beautiful eagle ray went swimming past so that was hilarious getting excited by the eagle ray and then squealing about how much the stings hurt!


This guy was super cute hiding under his rock


Diving with one of the many schools of blue tangs we keep seeing


Another of the cute neon fish


This guy was so pretty and colourful


The eagle ray


In pain



Not being able to stand the pain any longer I made us head in. From here I proceeded to sweat it out and get all these pins and needles in my feet. So, the afternoon was a bit of a write-off.

We again sat out on the water enjoying a nice drink and taking in the beautiful view. We could really get used to it here…well except for the whole power issue.


This view…just glorious and so peaceful

We actually did head out for dinner tonight to RJ’s BBQ. We both had a nice piece of snapper and lots of salads. Was nice to have a proper meal for once…eeekkk….

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