Day 343 | Honduras | Utila | Burger of Dreams

Get up. Breakfast. Snorkel. Repeat.

Same deal again this morning. Of course out on the reef we went right instead of left this morning, staying away from those see-through little suckers today!! We were rewarded at the end of our snorkel with not one but two eagle rays swimming on by. This was very exciting for me, especially as yesterday I didn’t get to enjoy their beauty as much as I would have liked. These guys are pretty cool just slowly cruising along in no hurry whatsoever!!


Closer my pretty


This guy was super cool!


Love this coral – so pretty


More blue tangs of course


Weeeee….not one but two eagle rays – such beautiful creatures just gently gliding along

Once back on land we headed into town to get ourselves organised for tomorrow by booking our ferry ticket and also our shuttle ticket.

We were going to stop into one of the places in town for a bite to eat as we had seen a place selling burgers but the prices were ridiculous, so we decided to go to the store and make the most amazing burger ever ourselves!! Well, I won’t lie Anthony made it while I gave moral support! It was so ridiculously indulgent that is served us as both lunch and dinner.


Burger indulgence overload!

Since we have been away we have been doing these little bet things about random facts. Today Anthony wanted to know which of the oceans was the largest. On googling it (it’s the Pacific if you were interested) we stumbled across this website The Top 5 of Anything, and this was our afternoon amusement. We scanned through the categories and saw who could guess the most right answers. Kept us amused for ages sitting by the ocean quizzing each other!

After the sun went down we headed back inside and did the fun old task of packing up. One of those monster efforts tonight due to the big wash we did and also about time we did a bit of a stock take and throw out of some of the random crap we have been carrying around for no reason!

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