Day 344 | Nicaragua | Leon | A Whole Lot of Driving

Another early morn today as we were up and on the ferry by 7am. Don’t think I will ever get used to an alarm waking me up when the number starts with a 5 or lower!!

Once in La Ceiba we were met at the ferry terminal by our shuttle guys. Was a little bit of a strange set up as we were shuffled off into separate taxis and dropped off at a random Wendy’s while we waited around for the rest of the people coming on the shuttle.

While we were here it was actually a good opportunity to chat to all the people we were going to be spending the day travelling with: an Australian couple, a Kiwi guy and two German girls.

Finally we were off and away. The van was a little bit spiffy and had a DVD player in it so to get our journey started we watched The Shallows. Oh dear lord – what a terrible movie that is! We followed this up with In the Heart of the Sea – good movie, though we have seen this one before. Then we all just tried to amuse ourselves.

Finally we crossed the border into Nicaragua. Just prior to the border we changed drivers. We were pretty stoked about that, our current driver was starting to get tired and it was showing in his driving ability. His driving started to get a little sketchy and none of us were too pleased with the erratic way his driving was going. Thankfully our new driver was fresh as a daisy and made our border crossing super straight forward.

Finally we rolled into Leon around 12.30am. After a 5-something AM start it was a long day and when we were dropped off at our hostel we were pretty damn stoked to be able to lay our heads down!!

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