Day 345 | Nicaragua | Leon | Myths & Churches

We slept in this morning and then had breakfast at the hostel. Pretty good deal eggs on toast for only $1US. Then we headed out and about to explore.

First stop was the Catedral de Leon, a beautiful white church in the centre of town. About three quarters of this church has been restored and repainted a very vibrant white. My favourite part was the corner where the painted and unpainted met to see the vast contrast. We were lucky to scrap it in to be able to have a quick look inside before it closed for lunch.


Old meets new


The front facade


White inside and out!

Then for something completely different was the Church the Recollection. In stark contrast to the Catedral this was a bright yellow and the inside was all dark wood.


So much yellow


The dark insides

While at the church we ran into the Australian couple that were on the bus with us – Matt and Kate. They are about 8 months into a year long adventure. We talked to them for ages before going our separate ways and making plans to meet up later for a drink.

While they went off to the market Anthony and I headed to the Myth and Legend Museum. This place was a little bit nuts. The story goes that this lady collected Nicaraguan myths and legends and realised that she would need much larger room than she had to display to them so somehow or other she was given an old prison with which to house her museum. The prison had a bit of a sordid history and all sorts of atrocities went on here.



The museum was a strange collection of ‘puppets’ (for lack of a better word) that were supposed to represent people in the stories, so it came across as weird and a little creepy. The general gist of most of the legends tended to be the same, some guy did a bad thing and screwed over a woman and so now she haunts those men who do similar acts.

The myth and legend displays were set up inside the prison cells, (AKA concrete rooms) so, as an ‘ode’ to the prison history there are prison ‘cartoons’ painted on all the walls. So all in all, this made for one of the strangest museums I have ever been to.


Weird puppet man


More puppet weirdness


And it continues


A slightly out of proportion woman with prison cartoons in the background

Leaving the weird museum and full of odd myths and legends, we stopped past a street vendor and purchased a pineapple for about a dollar (going to miss access to so much cheap and fresh pineapple when we get home!) and proceeded to take it back to the hostel to eat it. Nicaragua is definitely on the hotter side so we then just chilled out at the hostel for a little bit before it was time to head out and meet Matt & Kate.

We met them at El Mirador and had a couple of beers there before heading out to the street to grab a bite to eat. We opted for hotdogs which were pretty damn dodgy but at least they filled the spot. Then it was off to Via Via for another couple of beers before calling it a night. Super cool couple and we have made plans to catch up with them again. Is so nice to be able to connect like this with people and be able to discuss all the highs and lows that come along with long term travel with them.

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