Day 346 | Nicaragua | Leon | Thems be Volcano Days

First up this morning we knew we wanted to do something volcano whilst we were in Leon, however not specifically sure what. Our initial thought was to head to Telica Volcano to watch the sunset, however the company who we wanted to go with was not running it tonight so it was back to the drawing board. In the end we decided to do the afternoon session of Volcano Boarding which we got booked in.



As this wasn’t until the afternoon, we decided to spend the morning at the Ortíz Foundation Art Center. This was the most full on art gallery. So much cool stuff but was super intense. This place had some pretty impressive pieces some dating back to the 1500’s so would be worth a pretty penny.

Then it was time to head back to the hostel to await our pick up by Volcano Days for our volcano boarding tour. Once picked up we were driven to the company office to pick up our super corny free tshirt and meet up with the rest of our group ie 2 other people!! We had about a 45 minute drive out there and then about the same again in a hike up and around the volcano. Here we dropped our boards and wandered over to the crater to check it out.


Anthony the lone figure on the mountain


At the crater – here we dug down and the earth was so hot from the volcanic activity it was crazy


No tour is complete without a crazy photo-bomb from Anthony

Then it was boarding time. Whilst I thought I was all brave on the way up, turns out I’m the biggest woose there ever was!! I went before Anthony and it was possibly the lamest of lame slides down the mountain. I kept freaking out and making myself go slower and slower, so much so that Anthony got to take photos of me at the top of the mountain overtook me when it was his turn and then photoed me at the bottom as well! LOL!


Pretending to be all brave


Yep that’s me, stopped half way down the mountain because I was going that slow


What it looks like when you are doing it properly


Volcanic gravel flying up – that is if you go fast enough of course


Who’s the lamest?


My black glove because I kept putting my hand down to stop myself! LOL!


Let’s get out of here, this is embarrassing!

I was pretty disappointed with myself in the end. I so wanted to experience this properly so was a little upset with myself on our drive back to the town. Oh well, nothing a nice beer couldn’t fix!

So, once showered and de-dusted, we met Kate and Matt for a drink at Bar Antorchas. I had seen this place recommended online and it looked pretty cool. Unfortunately when we went there it was super quiet and not the most exciting. We had a couple of drinks here and then headed out to Shawarma for some kebabs for dinner before calling it a night.

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