Day 349 | Nicaragua | Granada | Plan and Plan and Plan Some More

Gah this morning…one those ones, who are we, what are we doing, where are we going, if we wanna do this stuff we need to get some stuff sorted, and so commenced the spreadsheet aptly titled ‘Getting our S*** together’.

On the agenda…Galapagos…flights home….general calendar of what we are doing. The time for this amazing adventure coming to an end is fast approaching and we want to make sure we wring out every last ounce of goodness that these next few months have to offer!!

At the end of the day we were able to put a big tick next to Galapagos, flights home and at least a general idea for our calendar for the next couple of months.

And then, there is only so much organising you can do before it starts to send you crazy, so first stop – Gallo Pinto for a quick bite to eat, and then we jumped in a taxi to Laguna de Apoyo AKA the volcano lake. We won’t lie we weren’t quite sure where we were headed here and neither was our taxi driver so it would seem, however, we got dropped off and then just wandered down to the water.

Here we just jumped straight into the lake for a swim. It was so, so quite and peaceful here and the water was just perfect – not to hot, not too cold. It was the perfect location for us to debrief from all the organisation, have some distance and make some decisions.


Beautiful perfect volcano lake water and views

Before it got to late and too dark, we decided we had better go, as what goes along with all this peace and quiet is that there isn’t a lot of taxi’s around and when we were dropped off we really did have no idea how the hell we were getting ourselves home. We decided to start hiking up the hill on the main road crossing our fingers hoping someone would come along to give us a ride. We got ourselves half way up the hill before finally a taxi came and saved us from the rest of the incline.


Cool art


The gorgeous pink sky against the Iglesia La Merced PS Power lines SUCK!

Once finally back at the hostel we changed and met Kate and Matt for some ‘goodbye’ drinks as this is where our itineraries part ways as they fly down to Panama while we continue by land down to Costa Rica. We met at one of the local bars that had 6 beers for $130 (ie $5.50 AUD) – this was good enough for us. Whilst sitting out in the street we had so many people come along trying to sell us stuff, I caved an purchased some gum off a little boy but he was not happy with me for the price he sold it to me for. We proceeded to inadvertently have a sneering competition at each other. Whilst he did hold his glassy stare at me and after previously having giving me the finger, when he walked away I think I spied a slight grin on his face! LOL!

The initial intent was that we would all have dinner in Parque Central where there appeared to be lots of local vendors but of course….rain. So, there went that idea. So it was off to TelePizza we went where we all gorged ourselves on mounds of pizza because it was oh so tasty!!

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