Day 350 | Nicaragua | Ometepe | An Island on a Lake

After breakfast we packed ourselves up before heading out for a quick walk around town to look at some art shops.


Cutest girl at the art shop loving taking photos with us

Back at the hostel we grabbed all our things and wander over to the bus station to grab the 11.30am bus to Rivas, the first stop on our journey today. Whilst we got there around 11am we were basically the first people to miss our on a seat, as yes, that much ahead of time and the bus was already booked. This meant we had a less than enjoyable 2 hour bus journey standing.


So impressed…so comfortable…(yes that is his head touching the ceiling!!)

Once in Rivas, it was a taxi to the ferry. We had a bit of a fight with the taxi driver as firstly we knew he was ripping us off, and then secondly, it was only a short journey but he stopped for fuel and we thought it might make us miss our ferry and they are not that regular!! Thankfully we make it though and had a short 1 hour ferry ride over to Ometepe island, which is in the middle of Lago Cocibolca. The island punches above its weight though as it has not one, but two volcanoes on its relatively small land mass.

We were met at the ferry by our casa owner who drove us the short distance to our accommodation. Once settled in we headed out to the grocery store and grabbed a few items to make a nice pasta dinner. Plus also managed to pick ourselves up a nice 1 litre bottle of Flora de Cana for only $6.50 Australian!!!

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