Day 351 | Nicaragua | Ometepe | Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stone

After some breakfast and a good chat with the drunken Kel & Patto, we hired ourselves a scooter to get out and explore the island.


So far everything is going well….

We started our driver clockwise up and around Volcano Conception, but due to the gravely road we hit some soft gravel and came a cropper! Didn’t sound like much given we were going super slow, except it was bad!! The scooter fell right on top of Anthony’s bad knee and he was kinda pinned under it until I could get myself off the bike. After a bit of a rest, we decided to continue on to Ojo de Agua where we were headed as if anything this was probably the best we could do given this is a mineral pool.


Driving up to Ojo de Agua with a somewhat more sombre face


Soaking and hoping for a miracle


Left knee swell which was just beginning

We hung out at the pool for quite a while swimming around and using the nice cool waters to hopefully stem a little of the swelling that was coming on fast.

Then we decided that it was enough and we headed back to the house. We were tossing up whether to continue on our travel around the island, however, Anthony by this stage was starting to be in quite a lot of pain and we agreed that the best thing for him would be to head home and for him to put his leg up.


The closest we are going to get to Volcan Conception after our ‘incident’

Back at the house we rested up for the rest of the afternoon. I headed down to the grocery store and got the only frozen item I could, which happened to be frozen chips, for Anthony to apply to his knee.

We were both a little disappointed that now we will no longer be able to make the climb up Volcan Conception given it is a relatively difficult hike and Anthony is struggling to walk the less than 5 metres to the bathroom.

When the guy came to pick up the bike we lied through our teeth saying he hurt his knee by slipping at the pool, thinking there was no damage to the bike. Unfortunately there were grazes all up the size! CRAP! Of all the hire car companies we could have used this one seemed to be honest so only charged us a small amount to touch up the paint – who would have thought!! Adding an extra layer of complexity is that he is friends with our casa owner, so we both feel really terrible and guilty for lying but now we were in it we had to stick to our guns!

If today wasn’t bad enough, as we were getting ready for bed Anthony was in the bathroom when I heard an almighty *CRASH*. The sink in the bathroom had fallen off the wall and smashed into pieces. As if it wasn’t already enough our casa owner thinking we are liars with Anthony’s leg and the bike, having a sink ‘jump off the wall’ and break, did not look good for us.

The day had gone from bad to worse and all we wanted to do was hide under a rock and cry. Next best thing, bed time with the hopes that tomorrow things turn out a little better!

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