Day 353 | Costa Rica | Monte Verde | Leaving Bad Luck Behind

We were up early this morning and dropped down to the ferry in time to catch the 6.45am ferry. I won’t lie, I was pretty happy to be leaving Ometepe and the bad luck that had haunted us there, behind.


On the ferry tired from an early morning and no sleep with a sore knee

Once back on the mainland, we caught a taxi down to the border. Once here we did the standard check out of one country, wander through ‘no man’s land’ to the other side where we checked into the next country ie Costa Rica.


Finding multiple uses for a tripod! LOL!

Pretty straight forward and from here we caught a bus to La Irma. We had a ridiculous approximately 3 hour wait here on the side of the road for the next bus to Monte Verde. Is crazy there is only 2 per day, one at 10am and the next at 3pm.


Sad/angry for no reason on the bus


Amusing ourselves with a beer while we wait and wait and wait for the bus

Once we arrived into the town – officially named ‘Santa Elena’, we caught a taxi to our accommodation because it was pouring with rain.


Quick pic of my ‘scooter incident’ injuries! One mighty fine blister that has sprung up!

Once we were all checked into our accommodation we hid out in our room for awhile while the rain just kept on coming!! It is crazy the difference in temperature here, it is really cold, we are not used to this!! It was down to the bottoms of our bags to pull out warm clothes. Haven’t needed them in awhile!!

Then when it was quite apparent that the rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon, we got our rain jackets and walked a short distance down the road to a Soda for dinner AKA a small restaurant that serves cheap local food. Then back to get a good rest so we can get out and about with more energy tomorrow!


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