Day 355 | Costa Rica | Monte Verde | Up in the Clouds

There are tours you can go on through the Monte Verde Cloud Forest, however, we decided to get up early and catch the public bus that runs out there at 7.30am. You would think it would be a super regular bus, but apparently not. It would appear that most people who are in Costa Rica, or come to visit have a car to get around, either that or they are super patient and organised working around irregular bus timetables!

We arrived into the park around 8am-ish and went for a big walk around the place. The parts of the park that you can walk through is really small, something like only 3% of the reserve. So whilst we were back in time to catch the 11am bus back into town, we pretty much saw a majority of the park – crazy right!


Lush foresty goodness


Love the feel of the place with all the ferns and greenery


Of course clouds – this is the cloud forest!


The views you get when you are at a viewing platform in a cloud forest




More green lushness


Mr Limpy on the bridge through the park





It is such a beautiful place here. We really loved the time we spent. We were so shocked how quickly we got to walk through the place. Whilst initially meandering along, with no rush to be anywhere, and the premise that we would have to catch a taxi back to town, so it was crazy that we finished our loop about 1 minute before the bus took off so we jumped on and headed back to town. Once in town we went to the grocery store to grab some items for lunch – no way I was having a repeat of yesterday! LOL! Before heading back to the hostel to make it, we stopped into Beso Coffee for the best coffee we have had in a long time! Sooo…happy! No drip coffee here! 😉


Pumped that we got to have a good coffee!

Unfortunately our lunch (a salad roll), did not live up to expectations so that was a bit disappointing. But did I mention we had good coffee?? This makes everything better!

After chilling out at the hostel for a bit we jumped on a bus to the Santa Elena Reserve to Selvatura Adventure Park. A big thing to do in the area is ziplining, and bungee jumping and all of that sort of thing, however we were more interested in actually seeing the reserve so we wandered on the hanging bridges through the park. Santa Elena is very similar to Monte Verde, however subtlety different. Santa Elena seemed to have a lot taller trees and be a lot more open. Pretty happy that we have been able to see both cloud forest reserves while we are here.


Hanging bridge from underneath


Always surprises me when you see crabs nowhere near an ocean!


Pretty details

We stayed at the park pretty much until closing where we were then driven back to our hostel. We made some soup for dinner and while eating it got chatting to a couple of lovely girls from Estonia. Apparently their friend owns the Kafta Cafe in Northbridge!! Someone go check it out and let us know what you think!!


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