Day 356 | Costa Rica | La Fortuna | Bus Boat Bus

After breakfast at our hostel, we were off and away onto a bus which drove us for a couple of hours out to Lagua de Arenal. Once at the lake we took a boat across to the other side (about a 45 minute journey), where we were then met by yet another boat which drove us into La Fortuna to Arenal Backpackers Resort where we will be staying for the next couple of days. The whole journey took perhaps 4 or so hours. We could have taken a public bus but apparently that takes about 9 hours….pass!!


View of Arenal Volcano on our drive

Once all checked in, we walked down the street and stopped in at Pollo Fortuneno and grabbed ourselves some lunch. Walking back we made the decision to head out to one of the thermal springs tonight. There are so many different thermal springs in the area, some are super expensive at the luxury resort in the area, and then there are free ones as well. After so much research we decided on Eco Termales which has 2 sessions, one during the day and one during the night. We obviously, were going to the night one.

Once changed and ready we hopped in a taxi out to the springs and as we were there pretty early it was like we had the place almost to ourselves. Though truthfully, the advantages of travelling during low season that this was pretty much what it was like the whole time we were there. The springs were super fancy and we enjoyed just wandering all the various pools. Each one being 0.5 degrees Celsius than the last. At one point it came bucketing down with rain which actually made for quite an enjoyable dip in the pools as they do get super hot after awhile.


Hot springs-ing


Friends at the pools


One of the little areas that has waterfalls


Sign for one pool


Overlooking the main pools

We were able to sit in the water and enjoy ourselves a cocktail – given, not the best cocktail we have ever drunk but still. We stayed for maybe 3-4 hours before we were all hot springs-ed out. Then it was home time for a good nights sleep!!


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