Day 357 | Costa Rica | La Fortuna | Some Ideas…

This morning we ate breakfast in our hotel. Our initial idea was to head to a coffee shop just down the road but unfortunately it was closed. After breakfast we headed for a walk into town to enquire about some of the night tours they have around the place. In the end they didn’t really seem very good, so we decided to skip the idea.

Next up we headed back to the hostel again to ask about getting out to the waterfalls nearby which is supposed to be really nice. That was until we heard about the $15 US entry fee each to get in which we decided is a bit of a rip off, so instead we decided to stay at the hostel and read by the pool and just chill out instead.

Just as we were getting out of the pool is started to pour with rain & the electricity went out so it was in our room walking a movie for us for the rest of the afternoon.

Eventually it was time for dinner, we first had a beer at our hostel before heading into the town for some dinner at Soda Mima. We had a rice and vegetable dish each with a side of patacones AKA tostones because…YUMMMMM!!!!

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