Day 359 | Costa Rica | San Jose | Getting Breakfast is Hard Work

Was not a great morning today. Early morning in our dorm room a girl – we shall call her Snorey McSnoreface came in and kept us up with her crazy loud snoring!! She was quite a small girl it is crazy to think such loud noises could come from her. But they did….all night!!!

Suffice to say we were not the perkiest we could have been this morning so when we went out to get the breakfast that was supposedly included with our accommodation we were none to pleased to learn that apparently no, it was not for us, only for those with private rooms. *sigh* Ok, not a problem, we decided to wait until a place we had seen that was open at 8.30am was open as it looked pretty nice, but no…they firstly weren’t open until 9am and secondly, didn’t serve breakfast!! Next….

In the end we ended up walking down to the strip where we were last night and came across a place called Cafeoteca which was open and served coffee (most importantly) and also had breakfast items! YAY!!!!

Back at our hostel we did some planning and booking for our upcoming few weeks. Then it was out to lunch to Mantras (the place we had tried to go to this morning) which was now open. It was super tasty!!

After lunch Anthony headed back to the hostel whilst I went out for a wander to explore the city. Anthony’s knee is still giving him some grief and he is not sleeping too well because of it so we thought it best that he head back and rest.

My walk ended up being a lot longer than I had intended. Firstly I went and checked out a heap of street art nearby to where we were. Then it was a quick wander through an artisan market, then through the centre of town to the central market.



This guy was in the middle of painting which was pretty cool, however I was too scared to try and talk to him given the level of my broken Spanish conversations




Then I decided it was about time to head on home. About half way home it started to absolutely bucket down with rain and of course I had no rain jacket with me so I got drenched!!! 😦

On the way home I stopped into the grocery store with the hopes that whilst I was in there it would stop raining, however it was not to be and the rain just continued. It didn’t look anywhere close to stopping and I was drenched anyway, so I just got back out their and walk/ran home.

Back at the hostel I changed into some dry clothes and we drank our beer and chatted while waiting for the rain to stop. When it finally stopped, we walked back down to the main street and had a couple of beers at the Costa Rican Beer Factory along with a small bite to eat, then it was back to the hostel to sleep.

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