Day 360 | Panama | Panama City | Indian & Red Wine Bliss

Another shocking night sleep last night with the return of Ms McSnoreface!! Though at 2am being none too pleased about being woken up, I woke her up and tried to explain to her that I wanted her to roll over to stop snoring, would have been great except she didn’t speak English #fail. I did however do a google translate for her in the morning to explain why some strange woman had woken her up in the middle of the night & she was so, so embarrassed and apologetic!!

Between a couple of phone calls this morning we got all packed up and ready to head to the airport. Crazily this morning our hostel tried to tell us that yes we did have breakfast (though we had already organised our own) so who the hell knows what is going on there!! It was a long uber to the airport and then our flight down to Panama City.

Once there it was a bus ride to the downtown area (Casco Viejo) where we were staying and a short taxi ride to our hostel. Once checked in we just chilled out for a bit in the massive 12 bed dorm room that we have somehow managed to have all to ourselves!!

Anthony took me out to Avatar Indian Restaurant for dinner. Indian and red wine, my special birthday treat πŸ™‚

P.S. Having so many memories of this time last year when we were up to our ears in boxes and moving out of our house. Such a tiring and stressful day – thankful that today is not like that!

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