Day 361 | Panama | Panama City | Getting Our Spanish On

This morning we headed out to breakfast to Nomada Eatery which I had found in my search of the best coffee in Panama City. Super yummy omelete for breakfast all washed down with multiple cups of coffee.

Breakfast done we went for a big walk around the Casco Viejo area AKA the old town. We ended our walk with a quick dash to the grocery store for breakfast items for the next few days before heading back to the hostel and getting ready for our Spanish lessons in the afternoon.


City skylines of the new city with the crazy loop highway through the water in front

Due to the timing of us arriving we both have booked ourselves into private Spanish lessons for the rest of the week each afternoon (needed to come at the start of the week to join a group lesson). Mine not as intense as Anthony’s ie only 2 hours vs his 4. We thought this a good way to chill out and do something different for a little while until our boat trip to the San Blas Islands.

Whilst Anthony was finishing up his lesson I went to the grocery store again to grab some items to make some dinner. It was a nice lentil soup tonight which we ate at the hostel before a nice chilled out night.

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