Day 362 | Panama | Panama City | Spanglish

This morning before our Spanish lessons we just chilled out. We are taking these days in Panama City pretty easy, as was the plan before we arrived. Is nice to take things a bit slowly!

Late last night we had a new roommate come in – her name is Nini and we have since made friends with her. We talked a little with her prior to our Spanish lessons, and then afterwards when Anthony was having the other half of his lesson Nini and I had some great Spanglish conversations. Her English & my Spanish are at similar levels so we talked a lot of Spanglish interchanging with our own languages where we didn’t know the words.

When Anthony came back from his lesson the three of us headed out for a drink together. We ended up at La Rana DoradaΒ in Via Argentina, which is a local brewery. Then we caught a taxi back around our area and headed to the Mercado de Mariscos which is a fish market with a heap of restaurants.

There were so many people vying for our business it was hilarious. In the end we were offered free samples of the cerviche and free beers so we were won over. We shared some patacones and snapper for dinner. Super tasty πŸ™‚

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