Day 364 | Panama | Panama City | Word on the Street, There’s a Canal in Panama

Today, being Saturday, we got to have our Spanish lessons in the morning instead of the afternoon. This was so much better as it meant we had the whole afternoon to get out and do stuff and/or things.

We chose to use our afternoon to head out to the Panama Canal, because, seriously, we can’t be in Panama and not head out to one of the “Wonders of the Industrial World“!! Our friend Nini came along with us as well.


The locks

Aside from just the locks, they have a museum inside which explains about the history of the canal, the trials and tribulations of initial concept through to construction, and then to the transfer of the land back to Panamanian control only in 1999.


Apparently there were a lot of Broom’s who worked in the construction of the canal! (Note to self: Look up family history to see if they are related!!)


Video simulation

As the museum took a bit longer than we expected, we decided to wait around for the next boat that was coming through the canals which was about an hour away. Thank god we were there early as it was unbelievable how many people were up on the balconies to see and we had great viewing positions!!


At the start


The water levelling down


And 2 boats through the first set of locks


We were here!! (with Nini)


And then the rains came pouring down

After the boats had gotten through the first set of locks we decided to head on out back to the hostel. Today we had to switch rooms as our massive ballroom was booked out, however all was good we were had booked one of the private rooms downstairs which was really nice.

At this stage we were pretty hungry so we headed out to the Coca-Cola CafeΒ (the oldest cafe in Panama City established in 1875) for the biggest dirtiest greasy meal that was pretty darn tasty! Of course served with a side of patacones πŸ˜‰


Coca Cola Cafe!

While we had been out to dinner Nini had to head to the shops. However, when she returned, we headed down to La Rana DoradaΒ – same brewery as the other day, but different location for a couple of drinks πŸ™‚

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