Day 365 | Panama | Panama City | Day 365!!!

WOW! Can you believe, today is day 365, one year away!

No Spanish lessons today as they are not open on Sunday’s. This was a good thing. It gave us an opportunity to get out and see all the things on our list. First up it was the BioMuseo. The BioMuseo was a pretty cool museum. It gave a good overview of the natural environment and history of the changing landscape – more specifically the rise of the isthmus which joined north and south America and closed the gap between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.


So much amazingness in the natural environment of just one country


How is the timing!! This screen showed the seismic activity from the last 2 weeks which just happened to include the devastating earthquake in Mexico


Just a small jaw bone!! The incredible Megalodon

Once finished here we wandered the couple of kilometres up the causeway to Punta Culebra which is operated by Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and is just a little piece of paradise on an island what is now connected to the mainland by the causeway. It is a tiny little natural reserve which has sloths (OMG SLOTHS!!!) and raccoons living in the wild and then a heap of cool displays to see other animals up close, including a big exhibit on frogs and the threats they are under.


Cute frogs


This is a Red Eyed Tree frog – they are nocturnal – would have loved to see them awake they look so pretty!


More frogs


This poor sloth was saturated out in the rain!! It seemed like he was just trying to find somewhere dry 😦




Beautiful big starfish – you can actually touch them in this exhibit


Close up of their beauty




Sprung!! This guy was looting the bins

Then it was time to leave the park. I wanted to stay or take all the cute animals with me, but alas this would be frowned upon!! We wandered out and grabbed a taxi back to our hostel where we headed to the supermarket and cooked ourselves up a feast of pasta!


Views of the city from the causeway

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