Day 366 | Panama | Panama City | Dessert Bar Amazingness

We had another slow morning today and then headed out to the shopping mall because I still needed to get myself a couple of clothing items for our upcoming boat trip. Anthony left me to it and headed back into the city as he had booked himself another Spanish lesson for the afternoon.

Once I had everything I wanted at the shops, I too headed back to the hostel and did some admin type activities. When Anthony was all finished with his lesson we had leftovers for dinner and then headed out to Ay Mi Negra Dessert Bar which was super, super fancy for some dessert!


Sunsets from our hostel

Here they have the ice-cream ‘custard’ in liquid form and use a frozen plate to mix it as per your order. It was so, so good but so much ice-cream – not a problem for Anthony of course!!


Ice-cream in the making


Finished product


So good!!

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