Day 368 | Panama | San Blas Islands | Getting to the Boat

It was a 4.30am start for us today and I’m super glad that we had everything organised last night so could just get up and dressed and get ourselves downstairs to wait for our pickup which we were told would be somewhere between 5-6am. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long.

We jumped into a carload of people with 3 of the 4 people in our car coming on the same boat as us. The first part of the journey took us to El Porvenir which was where we would meet the lancha to take us to the boat. No idea why we had to leave Panama City so early in the morning as there was a lot of sitting around and waiting. We didn’t get on the lancha until around 10am. On our car journey to this point and while we were waiting the rain just poured!! Not an awesome start when you are heading off onto a boat for 5 days!

Finally we were off to meet the boat. It was about a half hour ride and by the end even though we had raincoats everything was wet!


We had a quick stop on the way to collect some ice for our journey

Finally we arrived at the boat the Ti-Vaou where we met out captain Juan David, had introductions and overview of our trip. We had to get our passports stamped so Juan David took them off to one of the islands to do this for us. Anthony and one of the guys went with him to check out one of the islands. I stayed and chatted to the peeps on the boat getting to know them all a little better.


One of the main islands where we met the cat

Then I thought it time to jump in the water for a snorkel now that the rain had finally dissipated and the water was starting to look a little more inviting. It was actually surprisingly warm in, given how cold the rain had made the air! Whilst out snorkelling I saw 2 big yellow starfish and a wheelchair?!? Go figure!

Once Juan David and the boys were back from the island we headed off to another lot of islands where we spent the rest of the afternoon and night. On the way I tried to rest a little in the front hammock on the boat as we were all pretty tired from the early morning.

Once we arrived we got changed to head off for a snorkel. Out in the water we say lots of lobsters and sea urchins and even a creepy octopus hiding between some rocks. We did a quick walk on the island before heading back onto the boat. When we swam back to the boat we saw so many starfish and some of them were so massive. They looked like they had been pumped full of air!

Then it was rum time and lots of chatting and chilling on the front of the boat. Dinner was on the islands and was a massive feast of lobsters and for me a fish which Alex, one of the guys had caught during the day. We shared a coconut which we added rum to and then ate the yummy flesh afterwards.

Out in the water we had a wander around as there was bio-luminescence which was awesome! Then it was back to the boat for some much needed sleep!!

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