Day 369 | Panama | San Blas Islands | Going Nuts for Starfish

We woke up this morning to a super sunny day which was pretty exciting!! After breakfast we all went swimming before moving on to another island about an hour away. Again while we were moving we all just relaxed in the hammocks at the front of the boat and had a bit of a nap.

The new islands were so, so beautiful! They were filled with palm trees all hanging over the water, such an amazing sight and hard to believe that it is real!


Such a pretty place


Chilling at the front of the boat


Photobombed by Liam


Our catamaran

We did so much swimming here and there were the most amazing starfish and just so many of them – I was obsessed!! They are so pretty! We went for a snorkel amongst the coral, but there aren’t too many fish about. The day was pretty much spent alternating between swimming, chilling out and reading – such a hard life!! The day was split up by the yummiest lentil curry and rice for lunch. Our concerns about food were unfounded. I cannot believe how much food we are fed, we are eating like kings!


How you get an expensive camera onto land! LOL!


View back to our boat




The amazing palms


Such stunning creatures


Taking turns holding one


I like to match my starfish to by bathers! LOL!


So many of these guys






Anthony found a conch!


Late in the day there were so many pelicans flying about fishing for their dinner

Once the sun started to go down we all had a few drinks and then were taken onto the island again for dinner of fish and salad. After dinner we were all driven over to another island which had a bar where we all had a couple of drinks!

We are really getting to know all the peeps on board and think we are pretty lucky to have such a lovely bunch of people. We have Carolin & Alex (Germany), Liam (Canada), Maddie (UK), Mirijm & Pascal (Switzerland), Dennis & Lisa (Germany), Geert (Netherlands), Nele (Belgium) and Daniela (Germany).

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