Day 372 | Colombia | Cartagena | Welcome to Colombia

We arrived into Cartagena, Colombia in the early hours of the morning today, when we were all still asleep. Once we were all awake and had had breakfast, they dropped us a few at a time onto the dock. It was so crazy being on the water so long so being on land actually made me feel quite dizzy.

Thankfully before we left for the islands we had made a hotel booking, so we were able to head direct to our hotel without having to stuff around trying to find a place. As we weren’t sure which day we would arrive we had made our booking for tomorrow but thankfully when we arrived they let us both check in a day early, and also earlier than check in as it was still only around 10am.

Once in our room we had showers (with no hot water who would have thought a cold shower would feel so good) and then just relaxed for a bit as I won’t say that our sleep for the last few nights was amazing.

In the afternoon, we headed out for a wander into the old town wandering through the streets and checking everything out. Then it was back to the area we were staying – Getsemani which used to be the poor neighbourhood but is now getting a bit of a new lease of life and there is street art everywhere on all the old run down walls, so it looks really cool.


Cool street art…


More art…


More art…


And more…


And some mosaic to mix things up

The heat and humidity in Cartagena is incredible! After our wander around, we headed back to the hotel grabbed a couple of beers and chilled in our room for a bit. When I say chilled, I really mean it as we cranked our aircon to the max to just cool ourselves back down!

Once it was safe to head outdoors again after the sun had gone down, we headed out to grab a bite to eat at Carbon Pizza. After dinner we went for a bit more of a wander checking out the wall which surrounds the city of Cartagena and then it was back to the hotel to enjoy a night back in a proper non-boat bed!


The city walls by night

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