Day 373 | Colombia | Cartagena | Meaning in the Doors

After breakfast this morning we headed out on one of the free walking tours of the old town of Cartagena. The tour went for about two hours and it was pretty intense. There were so many facts, figures, invasions and independences it was a little hard to keep track of it all. Probably one of my favourite parts of the tour, simple though it might be, was learning about all the door knockers and that they actually have meanings. Namely; an ocean or marine knockers – the person was in a maritime profession, a lion – they were in the military, a reptile – they were really wealthy, a closed fist – a religious man, an open hand – a religious woman.

Once the tour was all done, we wandered back through some of the streets to re-look at some of the items that were pointed out to us by the guide but we didn’t really have a chance to see given how quickly he went.


Park dedicated to those in the marines


Sculpture of San Pedro Claver – the Slave of Slaves


Parroquia San Pedro Claver


Sculptures of the traditional Palenque women

Then it was back to the Hotel to get ourselves out of the heat. This was via the grocery store where we grabbed some light snacks to have for lunch. In our room, it was more chilling out and attempting more planning for the days ahead.

Tonight we met all the people from the boat at Cafe del Mar – the idea was to meet there for a beer, however it was crazy expensive so we just waited for a couple of them who had gotten there earlier to finish their drinks and then we all headed back to Getsamani area to Trinidad Plaza. The plaza comes alive at night and there are people selling food on the street and people basically just hang out here and buy beers from the store on the corner and drink in the street. We had a few drinks here, before being met by the crew off the boat and we headed to pizza again! LOL! Thankfully was not where we went last night, just the place next door instead.

After pizza, we headed back out to the plaza for a drink and then we headed off to bed. The heat is really getting to us and making us tired!

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