Day 374 | Colombia | Cartagena | Where to Next?

Some days we have an idea what we are doing next, and other days, not so much! Today is one of those, not so much days. One of our ideas was that we would fly down to Medellin on one of the super cheap flights they have domestically within Colombia tomorrow, however when we looked at the prices this morning they had skyrocketed! CRAP! So, we spent a few hours this morning researching other options of what and where we might be able to go, whether it be up the coast to Santa Marta or catch a bus down to Medellin. When we had gotten to the point where we were about ready to tear our hair out, we did the only reasonable thing to do and ran away from our problems, out to drop off some laundry and meet up with a couple of peeps from the boat, Liam & Maddie for a little bit.

Once we left them, we went to Epoca Espresso Bar for a much needed good cup of coffee!! Then we went for a wander through the street of the old town again and up to Las Bovedas which is some random dungeon turned tourist market!?! The market wasn’t super exciting, however wandering through the streets of the old town with our new found information regarding all the doorknockers was pretty cool.


Maritime worker


Rich man (The home owner – not the man in front! LOL!)


Another wealthy guy


Military guy


More Military


Maritime and the most awesome doorknocker I have ever seen!


Random restaurant frontage

Back to our side of the neighbourhood, we did some wandering to check out the street art around us, and also collected up our laundry. Then it was back to our hotel to figure out once and for all where the hell we were headed tomorrow!!


Getsamani street art


More cool art

After much researching and debate and driving ourselves insane, we finally found another relatively cheap flight to Medellin, not as cheap as previous, but it wasn’t as crazy as the ones we had seen earlier in the day either. Amongst all the decision making we headed out to Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas for a quick look, trying to catch the sunset. The castle was closed and we kinda missed the sunset, however, it was still cool to walk around and check it out.


The castle

We then headed into the plaza again and grabbed a super tasty freshly made arepa from one of the stands and finished it off with a amazing paleta. Post dinner we had a drink with another one of the girls from the boat, Daniela, and her friend.

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