Day 375 | Colombia | Medellin | Heading Down Pablo Way

Once we were all packed up this morning we jumped into an Uber and got dropped to the airport for our flight to Medellin. We were at the airport waiting for quite a long time as we got there super early as we were a little worried about our ticket going through properly and then the flight was delayed an hour.

Eventually we did get on our flight and arrived safe and sound into Medellin. From the airport we caught the bus into the centre of town and then the train to our hostel.


Strange things in the centre of Medellin

Once all checked into our hostel, we headed out to the grocery store – oh my goodness it is the largest supermarket we have seen in some time it was a bit of a shock to the system!!

After she finished work, our friend Nini (from Panama City, who lives here) came to visit us. She took us for a big walk around the neighbourhood showing us all the sights, it was very sweet of her. We then all had a beer at Bogata Beer Company, before she had to get home. We headed back to the hostel and had some noodles for dinner as it was getting quite late by this stage.

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