Day 377 | Colombia | Medellin | Aguardiente Hell

Whilst we may have a couple of drinks on a lot of days, there is not that often we have a lot of drinks on one day, therefore this morning was rough!! We got to experience one hell of an Aguardiente hangover!! Suffice to say there wasn’t a lot of movement from us this morning.

Eventually we decided we had better get out and do something, so we jumped on the metro to go and ride the cable cars. The cable cars in Medellin are actually just a part of their regular public transport so you don’t have to pay any extra to ride on them, it is just within their metro circuit. So, we just jumped on and stayed on to do the whole metro loop. It was a pretty view, but unfortunately there isn’t anywhere you can really get off and get good views over the city, so we just admired the view and didn’t take any photos.

That was our big project for the day, from here we headed back towards our hostel and went into Crepes and Waffles for a crepe and a waffle, funnily enough, because this place has been recommended to us so many times!! I so meant to take a photo of the awesome waffle we had but got too excited about eating it so I forgot!!

Then we headed back to our hotel for a bit of a lie down before Nini came again to our hostel to pick us up and take us into the city centre to show us around and have dinner with, and meet, her boyfriend. Was good to see that she was feeling as rough as we were today! LOL!

The three of us jumped onto a super packed metro into the centre of the town, we were first visited Parque De Las Luces ie Park of Lights. It was really pretty all lit up at night.


Las Luces

Then we wandered down to Plaza Botero. The plaza is named after Colombian artist Fernando Botero who has a heap of sculptures here. Botero has a very distinct style where all his subjects are chubby! They are very cool to go and see.


Beautiful church in the plaza


Botero sculptures


In honour of our favourite Gordito Gata






Mujer y nino

We then continued walking through town as we were waiting for Nini’s boyfriend to finish work, which didn’t end up being until quite late. Once he finished we went to their apartment to meet him and all caught an Uber out to Carrera 70 which is out near the big stadium of the city and there were a heap of bars and restaurants. We walked up and down the street before finally deciding on a place that sold arepas and patacones. So much food but it was really good. It was after 10pm by the time we ate so we were pretty tired. Once we had finished eating we headed on home for some much needed sleep!

It was pretty sad to say goodbye to Nini as she has been such a good friend to us both while we have been in Colombia and in Panama when we met. There is talk of them coming to Australia at some point, we are so hoping this is true so we can return the favour!!


Patacone con todo


New friends!!

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