Day 378 | Colombia | Medellin | He Who Shall Not Be Named

We couldn’t come to Colombia without at least finding out a little bit more about that guy surrounded by all the notoriety. You guessed it, this morning we went out on a Pablo Escobar tour. If we thought the guy was a little cray-cray before the tour, the tour pretty made this ten fold!! Because it’s too hard to explain and I can’t remember every detail, here are some bullet points of things that I can remember:

  • Colombians tend to hate ‘Narcos’. In the words of our tour guide, it was created by Americans to make themselves out as heroes – as said his words, not mine, and as an FYI, he hasn’t actually watched any of the show.
  • Something like 8 out of 10 police were under Escobar’s control. You could tell those that weren’t as when they went out into the streets they were fully kitted out with protective gear, those others knew they didn’t need to worry
  • There was about a $20,000 USD reward for any police not on his paycheck that was killed
  • He designed his own ‘prison cell’ (a term to be used very, very loosely) which was fully equipped with a gym, nightclub, soccer field and room with luxurious marble flooring.
  • The soccer field, was not full sized, however, he still managed to get the Medellin and international clubs to come and play for him there. If Pablo was on the field playing though, he always had to have the ball, and always had to win.
  • When he was in ‘prison’ he started to become super paranoid and so had all his head guys come for a meeting at the prison, whereby afterwards he locked them in basically a storeroom, which wasn’t even head height, and then after 2 or 3 days had them killed one by one, chopped up and incinerated their remains, all within ear shot and smelling range of all the others.
  • He was a creep!! He would pay about $10,000 USD to have sex with young virgins. Even creepier, because of the amount of money, some parents were voluntarily dropping off there daughters to the prison.
  • Some Colombians love him because of all the money that he would inject into the country and more specifically into poorer neighbourhoods.

During our tour, we were first taken to his house in Medellin, then to his ‘prison’ out in the mountains which is actually now used as a nursing home, then to his grave site.


Pablo’s house in Medellin which was bombed at one point in time but did not manage to cause any damage to him or the house


His prison – all painted in colours similar to that of Guatape were he grew up


The nightclub – currently getting a new roof to expand facilities for the current elderly residents


The helipad – because every ‘prison cell’ has a helipad doesn’t it?!?


Views back up the mountain to the ‘prison’ from the helipad


The soccer pitch where observers had free access to alcohol and cocaine! (Do I need to remind you once again that this was supposed to be a prison??)

Once our tour was over we were dropped back to our hostel. We just had a short amount of time before Anthony headed off with some of the other peeps from the hostel to a local ‘football’ (aka soccer) match, while I chose to stay at the hostel and chill out.

My afternoon was pretty much spent doing admin-y things, chilling out and heading over to the grocery store to stock up on some food items for our long bus ride tomorrow. Dinner was one of those ones that wasn’t much thought out and just about cravings so we had mashed potato and broccoli!! LOL!

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