Day 379 | Colombia | Salento | Coffee Town Bound

This morning as we had both woken up relatively early, we decided to get up and get organised so that we could catch the 8am bus bound for Salento.

OMG this bus ride was crazy! It was so nauseating due to the crazy windy roads, not the most enjoyable bus I have been on!!

We arrived into the little town of Salento around 2pm. Salento is said to be one of the towns in the heart of the coffee region of Colombia, hence our desire to come here. Once at the bus station we made the walk out to our hostel to check in.

We didn’t hang around too long before heading into town in search of a good coffee!! We went to Le K’Fee and we weren’t disappointed! Here, we also met up with our friends Matt & Kate who we met in Nicaragua. We were all pretty excited that we were going to be in the same area at the same time so had arranged to hang out here. After getting out caffeine fix, we wandered up to the mirador to get a nice view over the town. Up here we ended up running into Geert and also Carolin and Alex, all from the boat.


Beautiful rainbows at the mirador


Random art up top

We then headed back down into the town and found a place where we could play Tejo. Tejo is a local game for the area and it is hilarious!! In a nutshell you throw these heavy metal discs at a clay target which has a ring in the centre surrounded by little paper folds filled with gunpowder. So the main aim of the game is to throw the metal disc so that it hits the gunpowder and makes a good bang! As you can imagine there was a lot of laughter involved and on my behalf, not a lot of hitting of the target, and by target I mean the clay board, so I pretty much was the suckiest of all in playing this game! LOL!


Kate mid throw


Anthony mid throw

A guy from the Tejo place then wanted to take us somewhere for dinner (it was very obvious that wherever he took us he would end up getting a cut). The first place he offered up was super quiet so we said no, then he was taking us up to another place, which ended up being closed, however there was a cool food truck area next door that we went to. He ended up explaining to us that yes sometimes he gets money and sometimes he gets food for taking tourists to places. He had never been to this place before, however, managed to get the owner to pay him and also give him some food for his ‘efforts’.


Food truck meals

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